Our Spaces for Love and Learning for Early Childhood Education in Perth
We have thoughtfully designed and considered every aspect of the school in relation to your child's development. Our bespoke space allows both indoor and outdoor play in any weather, and we believe this free-flowing, learning environment is ideally suited to your child's growth and wellbeing. Our indoor space creates ideal places for your child's reflection, engagement, and interaction with others.

The spaces have been designed by educational experts to stimulate your child's learning through exploration, curiosity and play. Before your child moves up to the next studio space, we look at their developmental milestones to ensure they are ready and allow them a transition period between studios so they can settle happily into their new environment.

A state of the art early learning school in Perth

A purpose built, beautifully appointed and lovingly designed education center for Perth children.
Atelier space
(art studio)
We've built an atelier space – an art studio to capture your child's creative inspiration. Art specialists will inspire and support the children in expressing themselves through paint, clay and so much more.
(3 to 18 mths)
We offer a program and space where we respect babies every time we interact with them. The children will have their own outdoor environment too – designed to address their developmental needs.
(18 mths to 2.5 years)
Toddlers are provided with more opportunity to challenge their minds and bodies as they grow and develop. As their sense of agency increases, so does their ability to inspire and guide their learning environment. Toddlers are a cohort of children for whom guidance, encouragement and support is critical.
Kindergarten Three
(2.5 to 3.5 years)
Our Kindergarten 3 children have a strong sense of agency, developing verbal language and need for multiple opportunities to gain skill and knowledge. They will share learning opportunities and spaces with the older children, gaining from the mentorship of others.
Kindergarten Four
(3.5 to 5 years)
Our Kindergarten 4 children are developing into independent, socially adaptable and resilient individuals. Their ability to articulate and drive their learning ability is developing rapidly. They will be supported in learning and understanding the world around them – and how important they are in it!
Music & Meeting Room
This is a space designed to be shared across the school. We'll have constantly available resources and learning opportunities designed to encourage and support children in developing their abilities demonstrated through music, movement (dancing) and language (singing).
La Cucina
Our Cucina – Italian for kitchen – will be visible to all. Children will be invited to engage with seeing their food being prepared and cooked. The delicious smells will permeate the environment – more of the 'just like home' experience for our families and children alike.
Outdoor space
We view the outdoor environment as part of the learning space. We've created multiple opportunities for children to experience and interact – with a veggie patch, a turfed mound, a mud pit, a limestone riverbed, a sand kitchen, a water channel and a timber climbing wall. It's a truly exceptional space that you need to see to believe.
They say 'it takes a village to raise a child' – we are part of that village. Come and be part of our community.