Early Learning Curriculum in Perth
Our curriculum is guided by the Reggio Emilia approach, and inspired by the RIE and Pikler philosophy. We see your child as an individual and a capable, intelligent, curious and evolving person.

Our role is to help your child feel respected, supported, encouraged, inspired, listened to and cared for. We promise to share their journey of learning with you every step of the way. Our staff are committed to our values and to helping your child flourish.

Our learning philosophy

Much of our learning program will be in the form of projects where children have opportunities to explore, observe, question and discuss to clarify their understanding.

We view children as social beings and see them in relation to other children, their family and teachers, as well as the wider community. We make children aware that respect for others is important because everyone is a part of a group.
1. Language
We will actively enhance your child's speech and language development. A language teacher in Italian will help your child develop an interest and capability in a second language. Many academic studies have shown the significant cognitive benefits of such learning – and pre-school is the ideal time to start.
2. Yoga and mindfulness
We recognise the need for children to learn how to manage their own physical and emotional wellbeing. Our yoga and mindfulness experiences will help your child develop flexibility, calmness and resilience.
3. Meals
We will provide tasty and nutritious food for your child with a wonderful seasonal vegetarian menu. Everything is cooked fresh on site, homemade and delicious.
4. Nothing but the child
We're about 'nothing but the child', so bring along nothing but the child! To make your family's life easier, we've designed the school's service to reduce your stress. We will provide all they need – water bottles, nappies, hats, bags, sunscreen and bedding.
They say 'it takes a village to raise a child' – we are part of that village. Come and be part of our community.

Our Community

The Akidamy is a community, not just a place. We are a community of learners, carers and professionals. We want our families to feel the Akidamy is like home. It is a friendly, warm space that is as welcoming to you as it is to your child. We offer additional services and programs all designed to support your children's development and your parenting.

Our Learning Spaces

We have thoughtfully designed and considered every aspect of the school in relation to your child's development. Our bespoke space allows both indoor and outdoor play in any weather, and we believe this free-flowing, learning environment is ideally suited to your child's growth and wellbeing. See our learning spaces.